Important steps to take when filing a claim of home insurance in Canada

Important steps to take when filing a claim of home insurance in Canada

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When it comes to your house, there’s a lot you can do to prepare for the worst. But… nothing prepares you for the shock you’ll feel when the worst happens.
Depending on the damage, a home insurance claim can be a lengthy process. Understanding your home insurance policy and how to submit a home insurance claim will help you know what to do next and (hopefully) squash some stress.

Once you have management of what’s covered and what’s not, take an inventory of your possessions. Going everywhere and taking pictures or videos of what’s inside will help your insurance adjuster know what needs replacing. To go above and beyond, you may even want a spreadsheet filled with information about your possessions: a description, of when you purchased, where you purchased the valuable, and the original value. If you can back up their value with bills or receipts, it’s even much better. Keep important documents filed away in a waterproof safe, fireproof. Or, keep soft copies of documents somewhere you could always access them.

These are the important steps to take when filing a claim:

1. Protect property from further damage.
1.1. Cover your valuable property if it is exposed to the elements.
1.2 Make temporary repairs, if reasonable and necessary.
1.3. Maintain a record of all expenses incurred.
2. Take photos of the damage (if possible)
3. Submit a list of your damaged or destroyed items.
4. Retain the damaged property up to that time a claims adjuster approves its disposal (unless a danger to safety exists).
5. Get an estimate for the total cost of repair and replacement.
6. Notify the police in the case of theft.
7. Start the repair and replacement process.
8. Expect to be contacted by the claims adjuster within two working days.
9. Be prepared to provide additional information as requested by the claims adjuster.

Safety First

What is covered under home insurance can vary from policy to policy. Never wonder if you have the proper coverage for a certain situation, always consult your policy to make sure you and your family have the full protection you need.